How to dose FECO for edibles?

Anyone have any advice on dosing FECO for edibles? I have around 6-7 ml of FECO. How many mg is 1 ml of FECO? On average?

On average, 1gm contains 750mg of thc

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Do you know the conversion rate for FECO?
mL → gram

1ml=1gm I measure my concentrate by weigh.

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Alright thanks a bunch

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I think @blackthumbbetty made feco and a bunch of edibles from it.

From what ive been told blackthumbbetty is no longer here but she is present on IG

last replay was Jan 2021.
The profile page is still up and see topics and replies to read.

@Caligurl is a wonderful cook & uses this method, im sure she can answer pretty much any questions ya have. :wink:


@storm also cooks many things, uses oils & butters. You can find a lot of answers in the search bar too.

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I actually ended up figuring it out here:

I know the cup to tablespoon ratio is wrong…don’t mind it for now :rofl:

I also did a 1 gram = 1 mL ratio so it should be close enough!

I just made rice crispy treats with a 1ml syringe. Turned out perfect for a party

Cut them to your preference of mg per piece


Yum…how many servings?

I’d need 8 pieces!

My brother in law stopped by a couple of weeks ago, brought me a bottle of Everclear! We can’t get it up here :slightly_frowning_face: so I ask for one so I can make some FECO! Glad I know the dosing formula now, Thanks!


I cut them a little over an inch ( some bigger ) crooked knife lol :laughing: :joy: made like 60 pieces


Ya, we cant either, i had a friend pick me up a bottle in Indiana… im hoping they go back soon, i only have a small amount left

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Many potency calculators on the web


Same here! I have to get my everclear elsewhere. However, I did find a place online that ships to California and some other states for food grade alcohol.

Not sure if this link is allowed please delete if it’s not:

Check this place out for alcohol, even has a map of where they ship and don’t.

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So you just let it evaporate away? My bro-in-law asked if I was going to get something like a vinegar still / condensation reclaimer to recapture it. For the first few, I’d probably just let it evaporate too, tbh.

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I use a water distiller. I reclaim my alcohol.