How to build a marijuana grow room in the attic?

I don’t have any other space to grow marijuana in the house except for the attic. In central Florida (where I live), the attic tends to get really hot in the summer and relatively cold during winter. What’s the best way to construct the garden? I won’t have any problem working up there because the attic is large enough for me to stand up.

Build a smaller marijuana grow room inside the attic with 2’ x 4’s for framing and plasterboard walls. You can insulate it with batting type insulation material. Keep it cool with a window air conditioner, and ventilate it with squirrel fans. You should also use air-cooled lamps to avoid the heat from the lights.

Take the tubing directly to the attic outflow so that the heated air doesn’t get into the attic. During winter, you could vent it into the living space to keep it nice and warm. The light ballasts, which also create a lot of heat, need to be installed outside of the marijuana grow room. The air conditioner will exchange heat with the rest of the attic, so you would need a blower or ventilator to get the hot air out of the attic.

Even during extremely hot weather, the room will maintain moderate temperatures. The insulation will hamper any heat trying to creep into the room. The air-cooled lights will only contribute about 1,000 to 2,000 BTUs per hour, and the air conditioner and squirrel fans will get rid of the heat altogether.