Help, marijuana grow room is too hot

Our marijuana grow room is 5’ x 6’ with a ceiling that’s 8 feet high, but it’s windowless. We vent the room with a 12-inch fan, but the temperature consistently stays in the 90’s. We thought of removing the ballast from the room, but our extension isn’t long enough. How do we get the temperature down to 72*F?

There are a number of things you can do to decrease temperatures. First, take out the ballast. To accomplish this, cut the cord and put male and female plugs on the ends, then use an extension cord. Even though a ballast produces some of the lamp’s heat, an air-cooled lighting system will trap most of the heat. The reflectors have glass shield on the bottom, and a fan sends cool air through a tube to cool the lamp. The tube vents the air out from the other side of the reflector so that the air never makes it into the marijuana grow room. You can vent the hot air into another room or the central heating system seeing as how it’s odorless.

These two steps should definitely reduce the temperature to an acceptable range. You could also place an air intake vent with a fan near the floor so that the air flow is better than having just the vent fan pumping air out. You can also add bottled CO2 with a regulator to increase the CO2 levels in the air to 1,500 parts per million or higher. The plants will still function well with temperatures in the low 80’s with this amount of CO2.