How much lighting for bloomng

my room is 48x48x79 I have two white widow plants in 5 gal containers(are these big enough?) I have this light with red bulbs and one with blue. Will this be enough light and the right spectrums if I alternate bulbs?

I have a 24x48x65 with one all blues to start them in

That will do fine to start them. Keep that lamp jew a couple inches above the plants to limit stretching.

What about flowering? Will that work to just alternate the bulbs? They are out of red replacements right now and I have never done this before. They look so good right now I don’t want to screw them up when I change rooms! :wink:

I personally do not believe that you need to replace bulbs in order to continue your grow. What I can tell you is that you must temper your expectations for yield using that lamp throughout the entire grow. You can complete the entire grow with that lamp.

I would try to get a 400 watt HID lamp in order to increase the yield. Look on ebay. IPower 400 watt switchable digital ballast. Best deal on the planet for a good light system. Peace :smiley: