How much light for new clones?

I tripped over one of my plants and broke off the top. I’ve had the top 5 pieces in water until today when I discovered many roots growing out of 4 of them. I planted all 5, even the one with no roots (what the heck). My question is the light schedule, should I put them right on 18/6, or full light for a couple of weeks? They are fem auto white widow. They are about 2" high, had started to flower when I broke them off.
Nutrients? or just 6.5-6.7 PH water?

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@Bobbi they can go on the same light schedule as you other plants. Treat them like regular plants just like the other ones. I will tell you that they will be the same age as the plant they came from meaning they are gonna start flowering very soon if the mother was in or close to flower!

Hope this helps!

i started out on 18/6 from seeds but I think two or three weeks ago I switched to 14/10 and will always have my beans growing under 14/10 from start. I switched per the advice from one of our fellow forum friends


I’m actually doing 15/9 under the t5’s but I’m taking notes on the 14/10 that toker recommends

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@bob31 hey bob…I was going to post this in my usual spot for you to answer but you’re so busy right now I thought I’d give you a break, and here you are! Thanks. They’ll never catch up to the other plants, they are a sorry looking bunch of ladies. Leaves are beat up, curled, stem short and stubby. I was about to toss them when I notice a bunch of roots floating in the water. Okay, I’ll do the 12/12 but these will stay outside. I can’t bring them in because I don’t have room in the tent.

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@Bobbi I was catching up on my reading tonight. Had some spare time! They always look like junk before they look better. Go for it!

Keep a close eye on them and the plant you broke. The potential for them to Hermie after a trauma like that is a possibility. Not saying they will but it’s good to keep it in mind.


@bob31 Not sure what hermie means, I keep seeing this term popping up. Maybe it’s time for a new lesson from you or someone of what it mean and how a plant should be treated differently?

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hermie is a female plant that gets too stressed that it produces male and female parts. Sometimes the male parts can be removed or pinched off if there are only a few. They could produce seeds and weaken your yield a bit. @Bobbi

The correct term is actually hermaphrodite. If that helps paint a better pic.

@bob31 Got it. That brings up a question about cloning. Why buy seeds when you can clone? I personally will buy seeds just because I’m new at this and don’t want the hassle of hermies. Do the clone seeds that are female act the same way the parent seed does? Like does it automatically flower? I am going to put in a order for some products to clone just to have on hand for accidents like the one I had. What do I all need, Clonex solution, rapid rooter plugs with tray, ? I thought I saw in a video some kind of salve they put on end of cut stem?

hi Bobbi, I keep a strain of amnesia haze going through clones, but they are photo not auto. I dont use anything other than good soil in a plastic cup to start them. I dip the stem in aloe [from aloe plants we grow], then cover the cup with a sandwich bag and let it sit for 2 weeks under a t5 at 10 inches. Then remove the sandwuch bag and mist regulary for a week. I get about 7 of 10 to grow. I will try other seeds for variety.

@AMUSED2DEATH Since I’m a newbie, I don’t know what photo is? So you put the stems right into the soil after dipping them in aloe, then cover? That sounds way too easy! If the tops I broke off grow, maybe I might consider cloning in the future. But I think I would have to buy some stuff as I don’t have an aloe plant.

@bobbi Like everything here there are at least 5 ways to do it! None are wrong, just different.

I was taught to use Rapid rooters, you can use any sort of tray that will hold them upright. I dip the stems in a powder called Take Root and I add a little super thrive to the water. That’s really about it. I’m going to do some cloning of my Gold Leaf on the grow I’m on now so i will tag you when I’m going to do it.

Photoperiods are plants that don’t auto flower, they need a light change to put them into flowering.

Auto flowering plants can be cloned but they are the same age as the mother when cloned. It is just one of the quirks of the breeding,. Usually they go into flower right after rooting and barely produce a decent top!

@bob31 so the tops I broke off won’t have a decent crop. I didn’t expect anything from them, like I said…I was ready to toss them. They were flowering but stopped when I put them into the water a couple of weeks ago and forgot about them. In the future, should I buy photo seeds, do you think they produce a better crop than the auto’s are or you saying photo’s clone better crops? But they produce okay.

Yes the photos will clone fine. You can even do what they call Monster cropping!

Basically you taken the clones 21 days into flowering and those clones will grow huge plants!

These tops will produce something. Better than nothing maybe. Time will tell!

Autos and photos both have their place. I’m growing two autos and a photo this go around.

Getting back to the original question about seeds over clones. You could potentially never buy seeds again. But what if you wanna try something different?

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@bob31 I know I asked you before and I think you said middle of August but I think I have one plant that’s close to harvesting? The pistils are turning brown and trichomes are cloudy, no amber yet. How many days are auto white widow from seed to actual cutting, not counting the curing?
Happy Frog potting soil isn’t available in our area, it’ll run about $44.00 to get it to my house. Is there anything on the market just as good, less expensive. Can I re-use soil from past plants?

Old soil? Toss it on the compost pile or on the veggie garden.

Check around locally for organic soil with perlite worm casting and / or bat guano

no time release fertilizers (No Miracle Grow) I would check your local garden center. Some make their own mixes.

If you see something that looks good, take a pic and post it and we can figure it out. Pic of the brand name and bag and then close up of the ingredients.

Also try googling “Hydro stores near me” And see if you have one nearby. They will have some or something similar. Tell them you want organic soil with nutrients.

It’s possible that one plant is maturing faster than the others, but I don’t think any of them are old enough to be ready. Generally the MJ gets it’s first flowering and then takes about two weeks to be in full flower. Once she hits full flower you can expect 60 days of flowering.

Post a pic on that original grow journal and lets have a look at her. Also post when she sprouted and when she started flowering @Bobbi

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@bob31 Phew, it’s hot here. Been out to rummage sales, shopping and now time to get my plants watered. I found some potting soil at Walmart today, purchased two bags of it just in case you okay it for my future plants. It’s called “Just Natural Organic” Potting soil. See pictures. It’s less than half the price of Happy Frog, only $9. 94 per bag. The other pictures are the 5 tops I broke off the white widow, I planted them all together into a fabric bag because I didn’t have the correct kind of soil to plant them in at the time, no room in the tent to plant individually, only one extra grow light to use outside the tent. Plus I’m not sure if they will take off, one didn’t have any roots growing on it. Let me know what you think of the soil, I can always take it back. And the flowers that had started on the broken plants really aren’t doing anything, they are still in shock! Will they start growing more leaves, grow taller

or stay like they are?

I’m going to figure out a formula to clone you bob as I see your helpful all over the forum! @bob31

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@Bobbi I try to get around and do some light reading!

That is fine what you did with those tops and that is a fine soil! That should do well for you! Great find! You were right to buy the two bags of it and I would have too.

See that you are starting to think like me! hahahaha

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just a little input Cloning is faster and free - But a pain in the ass! I am one of the few around here who think it is to much a pain to $!#* with. But Just my view - they are right they look good, then fall all apart, then recover and by the time you are done jerking with them you could have started a gaggle of seeds and have Normal straight - tier’d plants.

but i currently do clone and have a 80% success rate and out of the 80% I only keep about half the plants, The rest just seem to be 'Challenged" and not worth a grow out.

what I have found is take only the top Nice clean shoots off a plant and make sure it has atleast one node you can burry, use rockwool cubes with a Rubber band around them, the rubber bank keeps the cube tight on the stem and seems to really help - i use clonex gell to help get em off and going -
Very low light for the first 3 weeks - and mist the living hell out of them as much as you can

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