How much light do you give your plant before moving outdoors

My plants look great. Today is day 24 from germination.
My small light has been left on , I move them outside then bring them back in under a small light . Plan to move outdoors next week when we hit 14 hours , so starting now how much light do I give them so I don’t trigger budding
They are very healthy as well all 20.


I would probably cut indoor light to 15 hours, then make sure they are hardened off to real sunlight before making the full jump outdoors… I assume when you say your days will be 14 hours, that is sunrise to sunset? So possibly 15 hours if you include dusk/dawn light? I personally wait until there are 15 hours of sunrise to sunset light before moving photos outdoors to be 100% safe… For my location 15 hours of light is the end of May that is when mine go outside and it’s also when temps are much more favorable… Even though I’m at the end of my frost risk right now, we just had frost last week so I’m not convinced it’s over yet, and will likely still have several very cold overnights so I’m not in a rush…


Just match the amount of light you’re giving them to the amount of light they’ll be getting outdoors. If you err either way it’s better to give them a little less light than they’ll get outside. Getting more light won’t hurt anything whereas getting less after you move them outside can lead to problems.

PNW the damp mornings will rot little plants. Mothers Day is early for my island, which is cooler than Seattle. But moving the plants indoors and out is worth the effort and love.


End of May or early June is when I put mine outside for good. I start putting them outside for the day then back inside at night under lights at the beginning of May. But that varies from plant to plant depending on they’re health and size.

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What’s the chances of them budding ? How can I tell ? And what do I do to save them
. The weather is nice over here so not worrying about that but they’re just getting to large to keep inside , but I’m going to try and stretch it two more week in red cups.
Also a beginner here and off to a good start , don’t wanna make any mistakes

Also if I start to leave larger plants outside and just turn on my flood light for a few hours will that keep them ok

Also by looking at my pictures , is there any tips or do you guys see anything wrong , or do they look ok

Great advice

Probably not, there has to be a level of light that they sense as daylight… Now I know that some will argue even a pinhole of light leak in a tent is ‘dangerous’ but I personally don’t subscribe to that… I don’t believe your average outdoor ‘area light’ will suffice in most cases to affect the photoperiod at least not reliably… There might be cases where if the area light is close and directed directly at them or with this or that strain that is highly sensitive, but that said if you have the floodlights come on say 40 minutes before sunrise and stay on 40 minutes past sunset, the natural dusk/dawn light plus the flood light ‘might be enough’ to add another hour of sensed light…

I have multiple dusk/dawn area lights on my property, old-school sodium vapor street lights, and although I have never tested it with cannabis I have seen no evidence that they affect other photoperiod plants, as the ones close to the lighted areas flip just as fast as the ones further away… Same with wildlife, my bees don’t seem to acknowledge the area lights at all and leave and return to the hives very much locked to the sunset times, but go near them with a flashlight at night and you are asking for trouble :rofl: