How much air does DWC need?

I’m getting set up to do my first dwc and I’m looking at air pumps and how much air is best.

First, what are your thoughts on one big pump vs several smaller ones? The only argument I’ve seen in favor of separate ones is that if it fails you only have a chance of losing one plant. Although it seems like the little. Cheap pumps would be more likely to fail…

Second, how much air does each bucket or plant need? I think I’m going to use 12 gallon totes. Will the plants benefit from more air than the little 4w pumps can provide? Has anyone tested the optimum air quantity?


You’ll definitely need a lot of air. On larger pump is okay to run for several plants. Make sure to elevate it, so when you shut it off, you don’t have a siphoning effect.
You’ll Need a lot of large air stones.
Rolling boil is what you’re looking for, so it’s a lot of air. @Myfriendis410 @peachfuzz @TDubWilly if he’s around may be able to guide farther.


You want either a 950 gph or an 1175 gph and at least 2x2 air stones…
I use the 950 for vegg and the 1175 for flower with a 6 outlet manifold… :wink::+1:


I use this one.


That’s the one I was just looking at. There weee some reviews that complained about it being loud and hot, have you had any issues with that?

The noise would just be a slight annoyance but I don’t want a lot of extra heat.

Any compressor is going to generate heat: Stirling cycle. It’s also fairly loud. You could probably run 3 smaller units for less noise but I don’t really know for sure. Decoupling the pump from hard surfaces with foam rubber or like will greatly lessen the noise level.