DWC setups questions

I asked before about DWC supplies and someone gave a link to a 7 or 14 gal. totes, I think it was Walmart but I saw it on Amazon also, it was black with yellow top and a set of 4. Also there were a couple links to air pumps and stones. I have looked for over an hour and cant find it anywhere.

Search Walmart for: Sterilite, 7.5 Gal./28 L Stacker Tote, Yellow Lily, Case of 6
Can’t put link here.

For air pumps search amazon: active aqua


Home Depot has them too and sometimes less expensive than WalMart.


Costco has those bins as well.

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On the baskets I see a lot of kits with 10" baskets. Other than using more clay pellets or rockwool, which I have 50 4x4" cubes, is there an advantage or disadvantage over a 6" or 3" basket?

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I use 8" or 10" baskets.

I use them because my drip ring fits better in them than the smaller ones.

Other than that, the smaller ones are usually not as deep as the larger ones.

Being that you want your water level an inch or two below your net pot, the smaller more shallow net pots allow your system to hold a bit more water than the deeper ones

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I have more parts connected to my DWC system however this is all the foundational parts I use

VIVOSUN Air Pump 950 GPH 32W 60L/min 6 Outlet Commercial Air Pump for Aquarium and Hydroponic Systems (32 W)


VIVOSUN Air Stone 2PCS 4 X 2 Inch Large Air Stone Cylinder for Aquarium and Hydroponics Air Pump


EZ Stor Container/Bucket 13 Gallon


EZ Stor 703994 lid, Brown/A


50 feet Deep Jungle Black Flexible Airline Tubing for Aquariums, Terrariums, and Hydroponics (50 Feet)


Round Net Pot, 8 inch, Heavy Duty, Single



Thanks @TDubWilly For simpicity I may order a 5 gal kit to try to see if I like it. I am most concerned with water temps.My house is 78° and tent around 88°+. With a dwc bubble bucket I do not see how I can really control temps much. In wintertime it will not be a problem at all. If I end up going all in that way I see the need of a chiller and pump then that id rdwc?

My other problem I foresee is if I scrog how to add or change water on a single bucket dwc system like this one


I wonder if I could put a wet towel around the bucket hanging in water with a fan to cool the bucket with evaporation?

You need to plan for that.

You see in my parts above how the lid I use cam be raised on one side?

Here is a pic from last year. You can see I placed the net pot on the large side of the lid and can open that small side



I hate to tell you to buy a chiller because they are so expensive.

Sounds crazy but if you have one of those small refrigerators sitting around, or anything that can hold cold, and can put your air pump inside of it without crimping your air lines, then you can pump cold air into the bucket through the air pump.

I’ve tried using cold packs and they suck because they thaw so fast…but that air pump, if put in a cold environment, will pump cold air into your reservoir.

Can’t just put the pump in a cooler with ice though because the pump gets hot and will melt it all

You might have to get creative


WOW! brilliant. I owe you a bud :sunglasses:


@TDubWilly I am going to try a fridge. Have you ever used one? Is the fridge temp low enough to cool the water or a freezer needed?

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Idk lol. This was just an idea I played around with in my head before I bought a chiller.

I didn’t already have a portable fridge or freezer sitting around otherwise I would have tried it.

Don’t let your water temps go below about 60° and keeping them above 62° would be best

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Best water temps are 66-70 degrees

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Ok I have one so I am going to get an air pump and a bucket of water and see the before and after temps. I will let you know what I find.

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Sounds like a plan :+1:

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What is a drip ring?

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This one is powered by an air pump

GH Farm Kit


This is powered by water pump

Bloom Brothers GGWR12 Hydro Halo Water Ring 12-Inch


What is the purpose of a drip ring if the roots are in the water below?

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