How Many Weeks Left?

First grow. Patiently watching her grow. I assume I have “at least” 2 more weeks? Maybe 3 or 4?

No hurry and just more time to grow. But being it’s my first grow, I wanted to ask opinions on remaining time. What do you think?

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5ish weeks. You won’t be disappointed. She will continue to bulk up for you.


Thanks! I figured it still had a good bit of time left.

And another question….I topped the plant when very young. So now, it has two main sections. What’s odd is the right side of the bush is “at least” 2 weeks ahead of the left side.

  • Not sure if the left side will catch up an equal the right at harvest?

  • Not sure if I can harvest the right side and continue to water and feed the left side? Won’t the stress of removing that many branches shock the plant completely?

It looks like you are only a few weeks into flower. Pull up a chair and sit back. 6.0 - 6.5 is high for coco unless you have amended it with something other than perlite. Coco is considered hydro. Recommended ph is 5.8 - 6.0. ILGM say 8 - 9 weeks flowering. How long ago did have buttons? Start counting flowering time then

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I think I’ve been flowering for 4 weeks.

Next grow I’ll definitely keep written records.

I’ll lower my PH going forward.

Any other suggestions/comments are welcomed!

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What do you think about my left and right side issue above? Left side two weeks behind the right main branch?

That is odd. Usually the two would be a little more equal. I have notice some difference between side but not that significant. When it was topped did you let it grow naturally. If you did I imagine one side got more growth hormones than the other. To correct this imbalance, the dominant side would be tied down.
It weather and time allows, do a staggered harvest. Take the upper part that is further along and let the other side and lower sections grow longer.

It might but the alternative is fatal anyway so give it a try.

Yes, after topping I let it grow naturally. But, I did tie down the good side (actually both sides) in very late stage of veg due to it getting too tall (trying to stay stealth). Just the top 12 inches or so. It’s about 4 1/2 foot tall now.

The side that gets the most sun is the side that is behind. I would have thought the opposite?

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maybe it is a lefty :sunglasses:

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Gorgeous plants!