How many plants in a 5 x 5 tent

So I have 2 5x5 tents and I’m on my 3rd successful grow. My 1st grow i had 9 plants, which were only about 21" tall, but we got 28 ounces dry total weight, 21 ounces of trimmed small buds.
2nd grow we changed up the process and had 6
Blue dreams, just harvested, 1 week in drying closet. Much larger buds this time, we think this will be “heavier” than the 1st. Still the tallest plant was 22".
Third grow is 35 days old, gold leaf, and 1 week today in flower. This time 5 plants and they are Bushy and already 23" tall and growing about an inch a day. 5 or 6 plants seems right…what say you?


Your grow story kind of answers the question without answering it lol. The one thing to consider is how you train them. You can veg and train a couple plants and get the same yield as just growing a bunch at once. Fewer plants you can get bigger buds like you said. 5 plants should be perfect. If you do a little LST and take them a little more horizontal, then let them veg longer, you can get more. I would think in a 5x5 you can get them much taller as well. Hope this helps!


Good Sunday morning :blush:. Your plants look great. I think most would say in a 5X5 tent 5 plants would be the max. Some, depending on their training you can fill that space with fewer plants. There are many variables. Happy growing :blush::v:


Well, we harvested Sunday, out of 6 blue dreams we got 17.25 oz’s of trimmed bud and 3 oz’s of trichrome filled trim. This is awesome weed! 1 hit is all it takes, instant relaxation, and for me at least, pain relief!


The number of plants can vary significantly based on the style and methods. Massive scrogged plants or many smaller ones in a SOG. 4 or 5 sounds very reasonable.
As to the size of plants - the same strain can be widely different depending on phenotype. I had one GDP fill a 3x3. However another was barely 18" tall and 18" wide and scrogged besides.

Blue dream is great for that another is durban poisen

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