How long left and When to start flushing?

I lost my journal for this gscx autoflower and cannot remember exact days old but i know its between 83 and 90 days from sprout and growing in 3 gallon fabric with coco…any idea how long i got left and when should i start to flush



Hi there. great article thar @MidwestGuy posted.

Thanks for the video. Very enlightening.

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It might be the number 2 question asked on here. Right behind whats wrong with my plant. Appreciated!

Beautiful bud. I bet you’re within a couple weeks. I’m not in the flushing camp. Don’t think it’s necessary, but you could start watering with straight water I would think.

I think to decipher if its clear or cloudy is hardest for me… still on my 1st grow

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That is what I do in RDWC about 2 weeks before harvest start with plain water. I have harvested without flush and with lights off. I have harvested with lights on. To me not a noticeable difference.

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