How long is the normal germination time?

I put seeds in a jiffy seed starter pod six days ago and have not seen any growth so far. Seeds are ILGM and done per their instructions. They are about 1/4” down in the seed start media. Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong??

Give them time! My first round took 2 days to sprout and my second round took like 7 . I think if you are in a pod and it’s not to wet then you might just have to wait a few more days


So, I pulled the 3 seeds out of five that the shell hasn’t cracked on yet and have them submerged in water as we speak… I’ve got my fingers crossed that something works here. Otherwise I’ll have to contact ILGM about the seeds… one is very dark so I think that one may not grow. We shall see… how long do I keep the seeds in water to see if they sprout? PLEASE HELP​:relaxed::pray:t2:

You need patience. It took 30 hours in a shot glass and a full 10 days in a moist towel for a tail to show in my Johaar. Then another 4 days in the medium before anything popped up!
A word of advice… follow the sprouting instructions to a tee, and once the seed is below ground do NOT tamper with it! They are extremely fragile and the little rootlet will snap just barely nudging it.
Good luck and happy trails!

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