How long does pollen live?

I built a new grown box and finished blooming some hermaphrodites in it. I anticipated a few seeds, but late in life the thick buds produced a large number of embedded bananas and plenty of seed. I will need to clean the space before placing new clones inside, and I want to eliminate as much pollen as possible.

  1. How long does pollen stay viable?
  2. How should I clean the space? Will a wet sponge and soapy water do?

It looks like sprayed bleach will do the trick. Sorry to ask a question I could answer with a little research.


I Clorox bleach mine from head to toe

@ProctorPot what kind of pollen did you happen to collect

I use 50 50 isopropyl alcohol and water everytime I start a new grow wipe the whole thing down real good turn the fans on and mist the whole thing a second time and just let it dry . I do this weather I have a issue on my previous grow or not


I didn’t collect any pollen. But the plants are supposed to be descended from a strain called “Woody”.

When I first saw four of my five plants turn herm, I took them outside and picked off the male blooms. For a while I was optimistic that I could just keep the naners trimmed. But in the end the buds were loaded with naners. I wish I knew why they were so stressed in my LED grow room. The other plant (from a different source) did great, and the guy who gave me the four seeds has been growing them outdoors for years with no herms. Though I now have plenty of seeds, I’m afraid to grow them because I fear they may be easy to herm indoors.

ILGM says you need to buy quality seed. Maybe this is an illustration of what happens when you try to economize.

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