How long does it take for a dry amendment to ACTUALLY start working?

You aren’t in the ballpark.
VPD charts are everywhere on the web. Typically low temps call for low humidity and higher temps should have higher humidity

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Get your temps up a bit higher, closer to high 70s up to 80-82. Looks like it’s still growing well. Good job mixing in the GG. I think now it’s a lot of waiting.

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Update! How’s it going?

Going great so far. I’m at work I’ll post pictures with updates. I got it to flex between 0.8 and 1.1. While I’m at work it may get a little higher or lower but I won’t be able to do much about that. I have a new spider-farmer fan with the programmable controller coming in the mail so once I get it installed I feel like it’ll hold perfectly in the range needed. Got the temps up to about 80 during lights on and about 70-65 lights off. I was able to start training down branches will post updates of that as well.

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As I was at work I was checking the readings and they weren’t the best. The VPD dropped down to 0.65 ish - 0.75ish got home and got it up to 1.0 -1.1 vpd.

Plant 1 the bigger one ended up growing a little bit more so I went ahead and trained the stems down a little bit more until I’m comfortable enough to have them past the fan leaves and able to reach the light in their own.

Plant 2 - auto flower seemed pretty happy after I watered it heavy to get the Gaia green down in the soil further. Went ahead and was able to give 8 cups of dechlorinated water ph to 5.8… not sure if that’s to much or to little. Advice is always open. Below are some new pics from today

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They both look great.

For the bigger plant, I would bend over the main stalk as well. Be gentle so you don’t snap the stalk, work it back and forth slowly. That will help all those side branches grow up and give you and even canopy. A good thing to aim for is to have each branch tip at close to the same height.

For the smaller plant, don’t water for a while now. It’s small and will take long time to go through 8 cups of water, it probably won’t even drink a cup at day yet. Do you wave the wicking/water set up in the ACI bases now? No problem if you do, but all the more reason to hold off water for a while.

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I will definitely give it a try and hope to god everything goes well, I have plenty of seeds for a reason. Once I have it tilt over do I move it in either direction through out the process as to giving even light as to say to all sides. Like one week one way and another way the following week ?

I do still use the watering base for the bigger plant. I put 1 gallon in the bottom 3 days ago and it took half of it already. I put week 3 in starting tomorrow.

For the smaller plant I figured it’s gonna be a little bit before the plants roots reach the bottom. They say when the plant leaves reach the side of the pot then it would be a good time to start using them. Now I’m not sure exactly how long it’ll take the roots due to it being an auto flower ? But I found I do have to ph the water back to 5.8 about every 2-3 days. Unless I should use it and allow the plant to try and start reaching for the water ?

Sorry for the three part response but I also topped the bigger plant. Would that matter if I still pulled the plant over

If you are having issues, just get them happy first. I wouldn’t worry to much about training… IMO… enjoy yourself and watch them grow.

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I wouldn’t say I’m having issues with the plants themselves. More so the readings trying to get them to hold. I feel like once the new fan and programmable controller are here and set I wouldn’t have much of a problem anymore. I seen some gnats so I put up the yellow traps. Noticed they were going into the base that has the foop nutrients in it. Haven’t seen any spotting, yellowing or much of anything like that. Like I said it seems to be just the readings I’m having trouble with.

Update on the plants…

Bigger plant got attacked by my damn cat… looks like she got some of the fan leaves and a few of the smaller ones. Hopefully it doesn’t end up killing it. Gonna give it awhile before doing anything to the plant.

The smaller one was about to get ate also but I caught the cat in the room just in time.

Update pictures after work…

Update after the cat got to them. They seem to be on the same growth rate. Haven’t seen any bad signs.

Autoflower is on week 4 on the 10th. Went ahead and started pulling it down to expose bud sites. Figured do it now before the stem gets to be a trunk lol. It didn’t seem to mind it and is causing me to push it back down each day. I’m gonna say veg is well underway.

Bigger plant doesn’t seem to wanna drink much right now but is drinking very little. She’s currently being forced to find the water out of the self watering base. Haven’t given anything through the top for a little bit now and don’t seem to see any problems with it.

July 10th week 4 water 0.5l

July 11th or 12th water 0.5l

July 13th or 14th water 0.5l

July 15 or 16th water 1l

July 17th week 5 water 1l if needed

July 19th top dress with half 444 and full power bloom 284. Do not top dress again after this. Water the plant 1l

July 20th or 21st water 1l

July 22nd water 1l

Seem like a good routine for the finance while I’m away for work ?

Hey GardenDan does she look normal ?noticed some change in the leaf color

Not normal, but that happens often enough. Could be too much air blowing from a fan, or soil could be too wet and the roots are unhappy.

If it’s still growing but has some wonky leaves, be patient and likely won’t be an issue. If growth stops, start investigating.

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That’s a good routine. I’ve been away so hopefully she’s already following the schedule.

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