How long can you store prepared water

So once u ph and ppm your water how long can it be stored in an airtight bottle iam talking days/week not months or do you need to prep it each watering

Depends on the nutrients. Fox farms nutrients say to use theirs immediately. I’ve stored a prepared jug of Jacks nutrients for over a week. It even held the ph I had it set to.


Stability is going to vary by what is in the solution and the concentration of each element. Your best bet is to only mix up what you intend on using at the time. If you are going to store a mixed solution, having it aerated or circulated is better than sealed. But you could potentially run into issues with those methods before long too.


Most fertz are volatile and break down at different speeds. They suggest using within 12-24 hrs.

Hell, even pH’ed water changes over the course of a few hours and won’t be the same upon
next test.

Organics on the other hand are very different. Some are very stable, some are neutral to
interaction with water and can be stored for a few days or even up to a week.

It all depends on what you’re using and the reason for it.

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