How long can marijuana plant live indoors?


My friend and I have had a dispute that I was hoping you could settle. He suggests that marijuana plants can survive indoors for up to five years or longer. I don’t agree. Isn’t cannabis an annual plant (producing seeds and dying at the end of the season)? Where I am, it’s too difficult to tell, but even tropical plants die after they flower, right? My friend also says that marijuana plants will die off in autumn, then grow back from the roots by next spring.

Who can help me out?

You can grow and harvest, and re-veg, and grow to harvest, over and over. I have done this for approximately 2 years. I believe “Spider mites” did that plant in. in the end.

You can leave a marijuana plant in the perpetualveg photo period of light, 18/6, and plant will not flower. This is how many growers keep “Mom’s” for years. Taking cuttings to clone a plant over and over. Ever hear of “Clone only” strains?

Your friend is closer to right than you are. Yes; You plant veg, then flower. and most of the time is stripped down for harvest. This kills the plant!

In order to keep a plant alive after harvest; You must carefully remove buds and NOT “leaves”. Leave the foliage. If you take all the Kolas off and trim back plant to at least 2 nodes with leaves per stem left on plant, You can re-vegetate that plant. You need the foliage to allow the roots to put out new growth.

Outside. I believe it is possible to allow a plant to die, over winter, and it will regenerate in the spring. My Habanero peppers do; As do most cultivars that fruit in the greenhouse.

Imho, Peace.lw

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What about autos? I heard people r having problems even cloning them…heard when the season is up so is that plant. I have kept mamma plants around for up to two years. I can only grow 12 at a time as a medical marijuana patient and I like variety.