How long can I use seeds bought today?

First post to this forum and I am just starting out in this arena. I am about to make first seed purchase, pretty easy to see that it is a better price per seed when you buy the 10s instead of the 5s.

Question is can the seeds be stored for multiple years or do the seeds I buy today have to be used this year?

I do not expect to plant more than 4 or 5 plants this year and am looking at 2 30 pack starter seed kits, simple math says going with the 10s, depending on performance says this could be a 10 year supply of seeds if I can expect them to last that long.

Thanks in advance for any responses.


New seeds you’ll want every year, don’t go to big today.

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Try to resist overdoing it on your first purchase. The 2 for 1 deals are great, you will have a few losses but paying half price for the seeds blunts the pain.

Just try growing three strains starting out and get a feel for it. You can always buy more strains to try. It will take about 4 months before you’ll get to enjoy your first fruits of labor. Lots of time to plan for the future and there are always deals to be had.

One of the common mistake beginners make is starting too many seedlings at once. It takes lots of room, at least 4 square foot per plant, and $150-200 per plant in lighting. If you start 4 plants you will need at least a 4x4 tent and $600 or more in lighting.


Buy a few favorites… Grow them and clone them. Increase the return on investment.


I store seeds in the refrigerator for years at a time.

Oh, and welcome to the community


Welcome to the community, cool dark place refrigerator excellent choice.


Welcome to the community. Like the others have said.


Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:

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I bought a good variety pack of autos for my first grow Amnesia Haze, blueberry and Northern Lights. 10% Indica, 80% Indica and 90% Indica, respectively.

The 10% indica was much taller.

Also smoking the harvest showed me the difference between chill smokes and energy type.

PS I put my seeds in a jar in a spare fridge

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Hi all-
Just last year I popped some seeds I had in the fridge since 2007.A Jillybean cross I made.
As to other points made- I would be careful on spending too much initially. Learning curve,likes,dislikes can change things.
I remember I spent 100$ on some LAVENDER seeds from Soma. Then I realized I detest lavender smelling bud. Oops. :grimacing:
Right out the gate,I bought a lot of DJ shorts gear and some other varieties. I am still sitting in genetics from 06,07-but I use the pollen for breeding experiments. I am glad I purchased some now discontinued strains-Mandala,DJ Short,Blubonic,BOG,Subcool, etc- but I also have to realize the older I get the less time I have to go down the breeding rabbitt hole.
In conclusion, to each their own.
Happy growing!!



The fewer seeds you start, as a beginner, the fewer candidates to be affected by the learning process.
Starting more than 4 seedlings at a time, will take more work than you imagine. Experienced growers refine techniques (time saving and build inventories over time). Yes on the multiple years, but go slow and learn (read forum). I just read a posting about grow mistakes. Check it out. Vacuum packing seeds was a costly mistake for learning (forum poster says the vacuum packing crushed the seeds being stored). Proper storage and they will last, like wine. Addictive so go easy. i agree with

Quilty… I have enough seeds to last year’s and just ordered some Soma’s Lavender today from Amsterdam. and In House Genetics just last week. Been meaning to grow some of that OG Kush I got from Great Britain for 2 years …lol, and now on an Auto run for the summer experience just to see what all the hoopla is about them … But yeah, get the experience. and start with cheap seeds, cause your lucky if you make it to harvest is what I’m told on your very first grow. I’m at the enthusiast level at the moment having grown a nice bush from a clone that outdid it’s mother, tapping myself on the back for that one. But yeah, Fuck it …all part of the fun really, collecting seeds just in case the apocalypse happens… :joy:

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This right here, needs to be stressed to all beginners. I tried to grow 3 plants with a blurple… Then 2 blurples then said F it and got an HLG :joy: ( meant to quote but about the light requirements)

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