How long can I switch to flower after Topping

I would like to know how long after Topping could you put your plants into flower??
I’ve already successfully preformed my first Top and now I’m planning on my second round of Topping. The only thing is could I put them into flower cycle immediately after Topping or should I give them a couple more weeks? If there’s anyone with good information on after topping procedures I would truly appreciate any advice. Thanks and KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO


I’m curious as well.

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I generally wait a few days after topping or fimming before flipping the light schedule.

Any time I stress the plants, I give them one to three days to recover before doing anything else to them.


Thanks MERLIN44 I kind of had a general idea but it’s always nice to get a second opinion from someone that has real life experience instead of just reading it and regurgitating it as fact. Again I truly appreciate the help. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO

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That is what I just did. Topped and fimmed in veg. Then topped again and switched to flower in a few days. Really pleased with the amount of bud sites that showed up. First grow for me so still experimenting with techniques.
Happy growing


I’m with @merlin44 about waiting a couple of days while the plants bounce back after being stressed. I’d rather take a little extra time rather than risk them dying on me.


best to let plant recover a few days.

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Thanks everyone. I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and great advice. I give everyone one this forum a A++ for working together. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO