How fast/slow do buds produce…

@DevanGuy56288 yes these are photos. 30 days from 12/12 flip, 3 weeks from preflower.
HlG350R ( far red )


We’ve got the same bday bro !


@Jilli hell yea, happy belated bday!

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These plants are awesome I don’t care how bad I messed them up they are looking awesome. I just hope I can get those flowers to bulk up before it’s too late. End of week of flower today, or week two….


Around week 5 or 6 theyll start to fatten up


Looking very nice. I prefer to keep more fan leaves myself just in case I have any issues ie. deficiencies, pests, or any problems. They’re like a buffer until you get rerouted. Also a small fan is great to keep the air circulated , I didn’t see one but could be wrong :expressionless:
Definitely don’t reduce your nutes unless your seeing signs of burn. I like to see just a tiny bit of burn on the very tip of fan leaves. Ten she’ll fatten up before you know it!
Also don’t be like me and look at them 10 times a day, A watched pot never boils. Did ya see how I used POT :crazy_face:

18 days post light flip to 12/12.


@Jerdan03 beautiful plants and great training! Are those photoperiods? Yeah I have two small fans blowing on the light I line duct fan up top pulling air out double window fan blowing in the vent and door open with a fan oscillating fan trying to keep them cool. Little evap cooler in there filled with ice/ice water that I have to fill every ten minutes lol.
I’m dealing with some heat issues over here. But they seem to be happy for now, until it gets hotter :pensive:
Yeah I’m checking them along mainly because the heat and trying to make sure it doesn’t get too hot in there. Sitting at 31c right now :grimacing:
But yeah also checking them because it is my first grow and I am just super excited. It’s kinda of all I think about already thinking and planning and adjusting for next run. I think I may be hooked!

Nice! I can’t wait!!!

Good advice is to write down your ideas now cause if your like me, you’ll forget something simple trying to remember all the little things .
My 1st grow I didn’t prime the soil, over cropped, over pruned.
2nd- got mites from leaving them outside for a few weeks and under nourished them
3rd- still had mites but eradicating quickly but still started dying( undernourished and calcium deficiency).
4th- changed soil and fertilizer new lights and almost there.
I’m now Revegging one from the last grow to get some clones. Always trying something new
So yeah I’m hooked now!


@Jerdan03 It feels like I haven’t really done much.