How fast/slow do buds produce…

Im working on my first grow at the moment. 35 days old from sprouting and just wrapped up their second week of flower.
Im wondering how fast/slow should the buds

be growing. Like I said they just finished up their second week of flower and going into third and they are growing but to me seems to be slow. But I do t k ow the rate at which the should be coming in at so. I’ve been giving them a little less of the recommended dose in the nutes. This next feeding I will give the full recommended dose to see if that will boost the flower production. But anyone think they are good or bad or just ok let me know. I appreciate the advice and help.


Expect it will take 8 to 10 weeks to harvest from the start of flowering.

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Ok, thanks.

Random follow up Q - Can you harvest early if need be?

That depends on what you consider early. Some folks like a lot of amber and some don’t. But if you have a lot of white pistols and you plan on chopping, thats early. The thricomes haven’t fully developed yet and your bud will be weak.

Im 30 days into flower today with GDP and Durban Poison also a ZSkittlez


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Those look amazing. Let them do their thang for a while longer if possible. It will be worth it.


Ah my guy, i got about 6 more weeks or more to go…


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Heres ya some closeups after their tea this morning @DevanGuy56288 ( 12 hrs later )


That’s nice,

Are they Photos?

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So how fast should bids be growing because it seems like mine are growing very slow. Or are they where they need to be at 2 weeks of flower….

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Just for bud development comparison here is a Gold Leaf plant from 2019.
This is 28 days after flipping to flower. About 2.5 weeks into flower:

And here is the same plant 28 days later:

The plant was chopped about a week after the second photo.


Oh wow! Very nice!

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Flowering (and fruiting) takes lots of energy, fan leaves good, might have more speed with less defol, check out chitty’s and merlin’s foilage, plus top notch lights. But yours are doing good healthy too