Autoflower beginner grow

Ok so my plant is 7weeks from sprout is this what it’s suppose to look like? I watched a few vids but they are all over the place

Im no pro but id be happy with that!

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I’ve seen some video where at 7-8 weeks the plants look ready for harvest, had to toss my gorilla glues because even with a filter when I opened the tent in the morning they were being smelled throughout the house very strong

Sounds like you need a better carbon filter then. If not, you’re gonna be throwing away every plant you grow. WEED STINKS. Now, as for how far along you are. The 7 weeks advertised, is 7 weeks flower, not total growth. So say it takes 6 weeks for the plant to begin to flower, add another 8-10 weeks on top if that


If not already make sure exhaust fan speed is set to keep a good negative pressure inside tent to control odor. Good luck with your girls. They look nice and healthy.

Yea I know just ordered on from eBay, the one I have was $20 I should’ve known better but it’s my first grow so that was a lesson for me

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Fast buds advertise it as 8-10 wks from sprout to harvest but I’ve learned that that is under ideal conditions, the Californian snow kind of smells like cat pee but the pineapple chunk smells pretty tropical and covers it well that gg#4 smelled like I had a full blown grow room


Yeah, if you plan on growing weed and smells are a concern, you have got to get good filters. @imSICKkid just bought one he can give you some advice


Phresh filters are good. A good filter is going to be between 100 to 150 regardless of fan size.

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Trying to make a new topic but I don’t see an option, need help with my little babies :frowning:

Go to the top of this page and tap autoflower support…how much longer you guys think?

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I’d start looking at tricomes daily