How far should my Spider Farmer SF1000 be from my plant

Hi ILGM community,

I’m fairly new here and I posted my fist topic about lighting a few weeks ago. After many members helped me pick out my first light for my one plant. I went with the Spider SF1000. It came in today and I installed it. I don’t have a lot of space so here is my current set up.
(Attached photo)

My question is about distance. How many inches away should the light be? Also, the light has a percentage. How high should I set the the lighting? Max at all times or lower like 50 percent?

Thank you for all the help!

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Here is their chart which should give you a starting point.

From there you’ll want to keep an eye on your plant. If it is stretching, lower the light height a bit. If nodes are very close and you want some more stretch you can raise it.

Technically you could also go lower height and lower intensity to help control temp in the tent but that light really doesn’t throw much heat regardless.

Hope this helps!


@Mm2021, first of welcome to the community and to the forum. Nice choice, cool space, seedlings, to cuttings, 12-24 inches for new growth. See pic! Reviving plants for my friends, and big 1 Super Lemon Mac is my bad, gave her wrong bottle of feed, is what I guessing. Since I have so much going on, 2 tents, dwc, clones, thank god, I not doing an outdoor, I’d be in trouble. Hope this helps you with your grow, happy growing


This is an email from the guys at spider farmer


Thank you @CygnusX1, @OldSkool and @MeEasy for the information. It really helps to get a visual. I may only have about 22-25 inches to spare.


Hey so there is a dim switch on my unit should i not use it on dim ever? Same one as mentioned sf1000d

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I wouldn’t bother with it. I would probably start with it about 30 inches above the seedlings and let the plants grow to the light. Lowering the light once flower starts trying to keep it 14-16 inches from the plant. I would also run it 20 hours on 4 off throughout the entire grow unless of course you are growing photoperiod plants

Damn not checking dates :laughing:

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Lighting is a crucial factor for cannabis cultivation. The optimal light source is the natural sunlight, which provides the ideal spectrum of UV rays that plants need. The closer to the equator, the more favorable the light conditions.

Cannabis requires ample light to produce high-quality plants and buds. About of twelve hours of darkness per day is necessary to induce flowering.

In general, the higher the light intensity, the better and faster the plant growth, resulting in higher yields. Please check our guide about grow light distance for more information.