How far should my hps be through out all stages of life?

Hey guys I was wanting to know how far y’all would recommend a 400 watt MH bulb from seedlings and vegative stage also how far a hps with same wattage should be from flowering stage thanks✌🏻️

Atleast 24-36 inches above they produce a lot of heat, use your hand as a guide if its to hot for you its to hot for them

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It depends if you have an air-cooled reflector or not if you have a vented Hood you can get 6 - 8", if not then what magic said above, hope it helps good luck

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I don’t have an air cooled hood but I also dont have much space to work with so I will have to get one do you think you can point me in the right direction @Paranorman

Amazon 400 watt roughly $100 for air cooled system

That’s just for the hood? @Majiktoker

No everything you need sorry shoulda specified

prices aren’t that low at Amazon for air cooled set ups right now…there’s a 600 watt on sale, would it be worthwhile to buy it and run it at 75% power and maybe if ever needed, could go up to 100%?

Ok, now I have 36x20x60 grow tent is there anyway I could get by with out using a air cooled hood? @Majiktoker would also like to say you’ve been a lot of help!:v:t2:

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That’s a 5 ft space, are you looking to train them in any way, if not you’ll run into a space issue, but with a little trainin and the great help and advice from here, you should be alright. Maybe look into making a scrog net above the plants an tie them down, read up on trainin techniques. If you need anythin or have questions just @ me or one of skilled techs floating around here.
Good luck growin

@garrigan62, here is another “robot check” link would you mind fixing it when,you get a sec please and thank you.

@Swan1234, yes you can get by with out an aircooled light youll just need to add an oscillating fan 18" would be perfect if possible to allow temps to stay at a more even level along with constant airflow

@kabongster thanks for the link, and im sure if you looked hard enough you could find one lol

Planned on doing lst since I’m doing autos and that’s it I will if I have to get an air cooled hood also I see those skull mounts in the back I’m hunting at the moment (forums and the outdoors lol) @Hawkeye_diesel

I have a problem I’m on a budget so I’m trying to save as much as possible is there any way I could just buy the hood and have my ducting going from carbon filter light then fan?

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@Majiktoker @Paranorman @Hawkeye_diesel @kabongster

I believe so youll need an online fan to do so

I’m not an expert, but if there is a will there’s a way. I’m sure it could be done pretty simple. I’ll let the experts enlighten you on this, but I’ll be watching incase I need the info.
Good luck brother


Actually it would be light, fan, then the carbon filter.
You want to pull the heat out of your air-cooled Hood, not push it through.

can you please show an example or clearify more? @Traumamedic

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Right at the beginning of the flex hose, you’ll see the silver can, that is a 6" inline fan.

The fan pulls the air out of your room through the hood and blows it through the silver duct work.
This air is hot, so you would want to blow it outside your grow area. And that’s where your carbon filter would be.

I see no link to it cody