How do these NL look

I am wondering when I should flush these NL outdoors. There are 7-8 weeks flowering. Thank you it’s my first grow.


Look nice great job. You base when you harvest on the trichomes. The flowering times the breeders mention is an average. Every plant has it’s own identity so you have to treat them as such.


Thank you appreciate it

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You’ll need a jeweler’s loupe or digital microscope so you can get a good close look

Yeah I just ordered on off Amazon. Trying to be patient don’t want to harvest to early.

You ever get the lupe @E

I did they are milkly right now. No amber yet.


Keep watching. How many days n flower?

About 64. They fattened up nice about 3 weeks ago stopped about 5 days ago. I’ve been flushing for 4 days now.

Probably last two weeks then. Keep a close eye. Exciting time but be patient. Where these autos? What seed co? I got an auto northern light seed so just curious. Great old school strain perfect for daytime or anytime. Let’s see a full body pic :joy:

They are NL #5 fem. Started in then out. They flowered earlier than I thought which made me think auto.

It’s a quick strain. One of the first I grew outside. I’ve seen some finish really early depending on the pheno. Like start flowering mid July done early sept.

I lost the main cola to grey mold🙄. Been super humid in my area. I was bring in during rain but I one day it caught me by surprise. Heres the rest of her

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Yeah here’s the sour I started same day.


And super skunk auto 1 week flowering


Aww she is cute nice plant dang shame about the cola. They are fragile trust me. I’ve seen it all from deer just taking one bite then just knock the plant over. One light rain storm take out a couple colas from being heavy with water without staking. Outside is a beast enjoy the harvest! You earned it.

That’s a strong looking plant there!

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