How do I get rid of the smell

I completed my first grow and the yield will probably be all I need for a long time.

My grow room stinks, and I had some friends over who said the smelled it soon as they walked in the front door. I guess I’m getting a bit nose blind.

Looking for suggestions in how to de-smell my tent and the rest of the equipment so I can fold it all up and out it away.

The grow room was an extra bedroom and I actually want to do my whole place just to be sure. Like I’ll shampoo all the carpets wash the linens etc. Any suggestions?

Also, any suggestions on a scent free way to store my stash?

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A carbon filter will help a good bit. I would wipe it down with a mix of peroxide and water. I would put those buds in mason jars so the smell can’t escape. But keep in mind you have to burp them 2 times a day for the first week then 1 time the next week until you hit your target RH inside the jar.:+1:

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If you dont mind spending the money this will do it.
These will destroy ALL odors.
Mostly used to kill smoke odor after a fire.


Also it can be deadly using the ozone machine.

They have this product called Lamp Berger. I used it to kill the cigar smoke and smell in the apartment. It shouldn’t take more than 15 mins.

It worked perfectly. You put whatever oil you want by scents in it. Place the wick which has a stone attached to it. Let the oil wick up and once the stone looks wet. Fire it up till the stone is cherry red and snuff the flame. Then watch the magic happen.

I haven’t tried it with marijuana smell since its not a concern.


I have 2 full house air purifiers. one in the lung room the other in kitchen Works for me. But, like @MrPeat :point_up_2: the smell doesn’t matter much.


I know,
This one has a two hour timer and wont keep running on and on.
They do kill smells though.
However you dont want to use it near your current plants because it will kill the terps as well.
But if its just down time using it would be no problem.

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Wash ur tent down in side and put airfreshener in the room if u have a line fan with carbon filter you can let it run in ur room for a while to clean the air

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I’m using grove bags, they seemed pretty hot here but there seems to be a bit of smell coming from them. Would glass jars be my best option for long term storage?

I havent had any smell coming from my grove bags make sure there sealed properly you can heat seal the very top of the bag if u want to ,they recommend that you heat seal the bags after putting ur flower in side

That’s good that you have someone to tell you about the smell. Once I came to my brother’s new home and it smells so strong…