How do i fix my ph if the run off is 4.9?

first time writer first time grower and in need of a second oppinion as to what it is I have to do for my girls to stop blocking out nutes and keeping my run off to a descent ph?

im 8 dys into flower, i’m giving them half the nutes stated on the chart for the first week to slowly introduce them to the new food and i’ve had this problem? I know its not right my plants are showing me that when i look at them. not all but a few, yet they all run off at 4.9 there or there about…

So i’ve flushed them with my water at ph 6 and after a few liters in each they are coming out at 5.8… can i add nutes again now? how do i prevent what happend before from happening again?

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@slimjim88 your plants are feeding heavily…how do they look?

In addition to filling out the support ticket, have you calibrated you PH meter. I have had cheap PH meter come out of the package that needed calibration.

Here’s some info on managing soil pH that @blackthumbbetty posted, but fill out the ticket first and calibrate if needed before attempting to adjust soil PH

You’re in coco?

To prevent your pH from going out of whack, pH anything & everything that goes into your medium. Check your runoff at least once a week. Do regular flushes to keep the salts from building up in your medium.

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much appreciated for the quick reply people, I love that…

I’m gonna get that filled in and sent over see what feedback I get and also sort my pH pen out first thing tomorrow, I’m hoping its my pen but if not it is what it is and we overcome it… Looking at pictures, reading through different snippings on the net and looking at the chart floating about on a few different threads it looks to me as I’ve got a problem with mangnesium?? I’ll get some pics sent over and that form filled in an we can go from there.

Yes betty im doing that as we speak and going to continue too from here on in…

Thanks again guys much appreciated.

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read,read,read @slimjim88 you are doing it right…get those pics up and our fellow growers here at ilgm will help you as much as possible…
there are plenty of good folks here willing to lend a hand…

Sometimes we get in a hurry and get bad habits calibrating a pH meter. Need to rinse eye. On pH meter between going from you’re different Solutions . you can end up contaminating your Solutions. It’s also good to have a lab grade known 7 pH just to verify your probe occasionally. Good luck

Yo @slimjim88 u didnt forget about us did ya?