How do I clean my grow tent?

I have this tent been using it the last 3 years [Vivosun 60"x48"x24"]. My last two grows in this tent produce all hermaphrodites (Cherry Pie x2 last grow, Maui Waui and Bruce Banner previous grow all were photos). Not sure how my tent got polinated, but I need to clean it out. How should I go about this?

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Hi there. I spray the whole inside with either alcohol water mix, or h2o2 and h20. How did i remember that…any hoo, my fav to use is the yellow color bottle, not bottle, the liquid is yellow. Ok. So I forgot the name, on the left of sink in kitchen. Made by the same peeps that made the other. Holy crap, man…lol am i done yet. I am sooo happy i grow my own fun. I am a tad toastie. Okok. Um
Short story long. I then wipe it down and prolly do it again cuz i forgot which side i did. I am shutting up now.


Get the tent outside and hose it down inside and out. I clean mine with a product that is meant to sterilise baby bottles. Do the corners and zippers etc with a small brush.

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:smile: thank you this is awesome.

Water/bleach mixture and then a damp cloth wipe down and air it out for a couple of days.