How cold can a oure indica last in cold weather

I am moving soon about 2-3 weeks and it’ll be at least a two months before my early flowering stage plants will be ready for harvest.

I don’t think I can move a 6 footer in early bloom except if I can put it outdoors for a few days and nights.
Weather will drop to 20-34 Farenheit at night.The stalk is over an inch at base and about 2-1/2 feet up it drops to an inch in diameter.It’s a pure indica mazar strain.
Is there any chance it can survive a few nights of below 32 degree weather?
Should I water or leave soil on the dryer side to help prevent roots from freezing?

NO! Absolutely not! Plants stop growing at 50 degrees. They start to have cell damage below 40 degrees. Below 40 defrees; They die!

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Dude done that it will kill your stuff fast look like someone poured oil on mine that was at 38 f super sucked