How Close to Harvest for Blueberry Indoor and Amnesia Haze Outdoor?

Hi Guys, just wanted to send you some updated pics to see what your opinion was on harvest timing at this point. The first 6 pics are of my blueberry of which I am just feeding it ph balanced water now. The rest are my friends 3 Amnesia Haze outdoor grow plants. I have some ambers on the blueberry bud more on the leaves and mostly cloudy trichomes. Pistils are browning quickly at this point. Thanks!


Last couple plants look close, maybe a couple weeks. But the first pictures, 3 weeks maybe. I know I’d throw another feed 8n there. Heavy pk

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Nice buds! I agree, more time, especially the blueberry girl. I’ve grown both BB and AH autoflowers. Smoking some blueberry now. Both are great smoke :v::green_heart:

Ok thanks for the feedback. I will keep the blueberry going for a few more weeks and keep an eye on her. Maybe send some more pics out in a week or so to see what you guys think. I will pass on the rec. to my friend. Thanks for the compliments as well. Its our first grows and its been quite the experience so far. Good to know they will be good smokes. I read something about dipping the buds in a 3% peroxide solution before drying, is this worth the effort? I want to keep things as simple as possible.


I do a bud wash when I grow outdoors. Some people do it to all their buds

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Nice looking plants I see you survived the heat wave just fine. Good luck finishing up in a couple weeks.

Thanks Kelly! Were pretty stoked about how well they have done. Thank you Green Jewels for the vid it was great, we will be washing ours as well. Hopefully some of the dog hair will come off of mine with that wash! Damn stuff gets everywhere.


Glad I could help :v::green_heart:
:joy::joy: I have 2 that I no longer allow in the grow room but the hair still gets in :roll_eyes::grin:

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My dogs and my hair it’s ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue:

I pulled 2 of my long hairs off my big girl today. At least mine are long and easy to pull off. Those short little dog hairs are another story :joy:

I get lots of nice trichome pics and there’s hair in it

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