How close does the light need to be to the marijuana

A question from a fellow growe:

I have a 4x4 grow tent with 15 plants in it they are all sizes but are all the same age same soil mixture I know I had a problem with the tent being to hot but I think I fixed that problem light on 29 degrees C light off 23 degrees c is this ok thermometer is located just above the top of the plants and just to the side of the light . What is the best distances to have your light from the top of the plants the internet says different things what your thoughts, and do you be leave in tipping your buds I dont see anything about bud tipping anywhere on the net or in your grow bible . Your thoughts will be appreiciated

Hi I can’t see any reply to the question

Newbie Peter

hi these questions have been answered multiple times on this forum if you look thru and read you will find the answer and learn a hell of a lot of great info along the way its all good reading!

Happy growing!

With your lamp on; Place your hand at the top of your plants with palm down. If it is too hot on the back of your hand, raise the lamp. If it is cool, and not gently warm; Then lower the lamp until your hand is comfortably warm. Your plants will be happy.

I find this a fool proof way to set the height of your lamp. Easily checked at any time throughout your grow. :slight_smile: Peace

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