How close do you think these are to harvest?

Can someone give me advice on how these look so I can get an idea on when to harvest

Picture didn’t upload.

Welcome to the forum. Should be able to select what circled to add a picture. If you need anything just tag someone using the @ symbol. @Cobalt1

It’s a guerilla grow guys, geez.

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My guess is somewhere between 3 seconds and 6 months :crazy_face:


I was wondering same thing. First year growing. I believe the trics are cloudy but not 100% sure. Do you think it is the right time. Couple different types. Thanks for any advice

How the … do i ask this form a question. Old guy with little experience.

I am also curious if my plant is ready to harvest. Outdoor, live in the desert, lots of sun.

Really need at least 40x magnification on trichomes to judge ripeness, but based on the overall look, you probably have a little while still.

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Lilly they look great, a lot like mine. I think I might harvest this weekend as I’ve not had plants look like this ever and I’m nervous I might let them go to long.

Is this a better picture?

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Try for a shot on the flowers themselves. The leaves are always first to amber up.

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Here’s a newer picture