How can I keep the humidity in my room correct?

Question from a fellow grower:

Having a heck of time with humidity. So it’s my first grow and the question is, am I, or should I, be using a humidifier in a 4x7 tent. Bought a cheap fan an carbon filter from bloomgrow on amazon and on a second carbon filter from them as it keeps getting clogged from the humidity. But how does one keep the humidty at 40 or 50 rh if the filter just gets clogged? Cheap filter?

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This depends if you’re in flower or in veg. If you’re in veg the RH is a little low, but they’ll grow just fine.
Flower you want it as dry as possible.
You can clog your carbon filter if you have the humidifier blowing directly on it, or not using distilled water to keep the minerals down. Calcium and lime are the two worst enemies for a carbon filter.
If you do use a humidifier be sure to operate it outside of the tent, and just direct it towards the intake. You’ll
Have better results.


Bucket with water in it for grow tent and nothing for flower tent “Keep it simple”


cheap filters r not good,
try a Can-Filter, great filters and the best for the money.!!

to keep 40-50% RH u need a dehumidifier, probably the biggest one u can afford.

like Covert said,
control the room temp/RH and let the tent draw in the acclimatized room air.!