How can I clone this w/o cloning gel

Your gonna want to have that in water ASAP!

Aloe seems to work for @Mrcrabs

It’s in water rn and I scraped the bottom of it

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I didn’t use any cloning gel or powder .I’ve just scraped the stems, clipped the big leaves in half and put them in a moist rapid rooter under a humidity dome and kept them in the dark for a few days. Rooted in about a week


I am in the same boat… Did it work?

@Sazechman sheesh that was my first grow. No that didn’t work at the time I was very uneducated about the plant but now I have a better understanding. I would get a mason jar with a lid and cut a hole with a drill big enough for the stem to fit, then scrape the bottom with a knife of scissors and then cut the bottom sideways, then place inside a dome type thing over it fully surrounded with some holes. I’m not cloning any cannabis rn but I am some herbs. Same jiff. Here’s a pic