How are your brackets y’all?

Virginia just blew me up right off the bat :poop: (no $, just fun - and maybe some trash talkin :rofl:)


Have Furman, as a 13 seed, in parley to be the lowest seed to advance today. A 12th seed to make sweet 16. And several number ones to sweet 16.

Have ucsb points upset.

Have texas vs houston,

My final is Houston vs Alabama. Houston for the dubyah.

Only one buzzer beater today. 3 sec or less.

Just found out Furman won two leggs for me.

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I have ORU added also upset and run.

Congrats @Mosca. I knew someone paid that Virginia point guard off to make the dumbest basketball play since the 1993 Chris Webber time out in the Michigan/UNC final game… :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Virginia is the mens only #1 seed to ever get beat since 64 team field. #1 seed is 159-1

Big 12, my conference, has choked at the 2,3 seeds in past years. My horns were ousted by ABILENE Christian University.

Had few more items on my thread as for teams.

Had 88+ points, KU esrned a leg.

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Well, didnt see Princeton taking down #2 Arizona having basically a home game. 3 parleys shot. Shoots my #13 lowest seed today

I have the zags in most brackets to advance.

I walk my dogs at Furman University.That place is partying hard today.

That’s ok @Mosca - your Furman call wins the day! @Mateo, this might even be better for them than going up the road and beating Wofford :joy:

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And then there were two :slight_smile: go madness

What brackets?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :melting_face: :upside_down_face:

158-2, i think there is another story in this, will go read a clip or two.

Good morning @Mosca .

That was some game. The path to 8 for Duke potentially softened up without Purdue, go Vols!!

Time for a breakfast burrito, fresh eggs and homemade breakfast sausage. Lady in town makes the tortillas ole style, contains lard. The best.

Must of gotten lost, doesnt look like Kansas.

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Dang that sounds good. I’m moving toward spaghetti carbonara for lunch. Eggs aren’t fresh though, I need some chickens…

Was reading the “show your grub” thread, must of got lost in the OT surfing back and forth.

Thus food. By the way, it was :+1:, the breakfast taco.

Sure opened the bracket up for some blue bloods.

Possible Duke vs Marquette match up. Kentucky is playing better as of late.

The Vols took care of biz!! Hilarious the commentators talking about TN men playing against Dookie boys…. Totally made my day. Probabaly @VOL4LIFE too :slight_smile:

@Mosca best put, what brackets? Let’s see if any 1s or 2s drop tonight!


@Mosca I didn’t even have time to edit before Kansas dropped…. You called no repeat!

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Absolutely!! Go VOLS!!! @SandyC