Home made Ventilation

Hey all…so with fundage being a little tight right now and I wasn’t getting enough ventilation and notice condensation building on the reflective stuff on my walls…luckily when I built my grow room the previous owners had a central vacuum unit and a pipe went right thru my room out to my garage…so I used it for ventilation…

But I wasn’t getting much airflow so I rigged up my old shopvac hose to the pipe in the garage and stuffed it with dryer sheets and rockwool insulation (gonna swap it to charcoal bricks and dryer sheet soon)…

Got it plugged into a timer…15 min on…2hrs off…only issue is the noise so it dont come on at night… thoughts?

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You can get one of those duct fans from a hardware store pretty cheap, just the cheap inline one…

Shop vacs gonna be loud for sure. Neat though

Ya…was only for a temporary time frame until I get the other fan…but I was kinda proud of myself for this and figured I’d share it for other people startingting up on a budget… like u said…it is neat…

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Remeber to take pictures with grow lights off as it’s really hard to see what’s actually going on and for us to admire with grow lights on.

Keep growing!

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I have always been afraid to mess with anything…excluding this grow…every grow I’ve had has either been chopped too early (first out door grow and had poor harvest)…or root rot and had to chop early with a poor harvest with both those grows being outdoors… this is the best I’ve gotten for indoors after four previous failed attempts…so im sketchy when it comes to turning off lights moving/trimming plants…like an over protective parent…

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That’s your choice just giving you the view from this side of the screen =p

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I can only learn what others tell…thanks for you input…I will post some good pics with regular lights tonight before bed… plant number two is showing real prominent flower points and number three aint far off…the midget is still the midget but coming along…the three are over 30 inches tall from top of bucket

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Could you scrap out an old computer? The fan and power supply. I rigged up a double fan from one for a blower in my gas fireplace. Would definitely be less noise than a shop vac. Where I’m at there’s always old computers at the dump.

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Thats the top of the first one thats furthest along…early week 3 flower

Thats the second furthest along…I have this one as week one flowering…

How bout a group shot…


Looking good!.

Little tip burn but nothing to be worried about


Thanks so much…I appreciate your input…my bloom nutrient should be here by Tuesday so ill start feeding it then…hope im not too late…all I got right now is for hydroponics…hurry up mr mail man…


Your biggest issue I see is you saying that you only can learn what others tell you… this growing thing is a suggested action no one farmers experience will be the same as any others…right next door …or especially 1000 miles away… you are gonna have to start remembering the little things you do or dont do that make a difference each time you grow out a harvest or almost harvest you have to recognize problems and change them ppl can give you tips but it’s up to you to change or add or subtract something… for example I had white spots on my leaves …everyone was telling me white powdery mold …treat with h2o2, vinegar , baking soda rub it off water towel blahs blah… but it ended up being a bug called thrips what I didn’t know to look for was a streak of slimy looking dried spit trail on the leaves… which was there very prominently… used proper treatment and by by thrips … you have to take advice with a grain of salt


Also other thing I see is you have rooms lights on and the grow lights off… when it comes to flower period your gonna definitely have problems with stray light in your dark periods MJ needs 12 hours if dark no interruptions to commence flowering dont peek in on flowering unless u designate a 30minute period before or after lights off for photo shoots lights on 11hour 30 minutes and 30 minutes for photos and 12 hours continuous dark… fluctuation in light will cause hermaphrodite and stalled harvests … dont shoot your self in the foot for a few pictures …it dosent seem as important when your an outside grower because it’s not pitch black outside but it’s just about exactly the same every “night” swings in any variable can cause problems u want stability :sunglasses::v:

These are auto flowers…dont need much dark…only have the lights off for a pic…they are on a 20/4 schedule…the only issue i find with the lighting is I need to hang more light units…

Oh sorry didn’t see that still dark should be dark through and through… it’s still a confusing time stamp for a plant … AUTOS ARE PLANTS TOOO lol I’m jk but yea keep it the same you won’t have issues … @Nicky does light interruptions possibly have a herm effect in autos ?

Short answer is No.

Long answer is with unstable genetics as many autos do not come from true auto breeders and I question the genetics of many autos then yes it could if the strain is not very stable thus being a true auto.

If your getting a genetic from someone like fast buds or mephisto who only sell autos then No.
Again genetics play a huge role.

Thanks for the question @fano_man

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Just an update…so my shop vac system worked…made my garage smell like weed and dryer sheets lmao…kinda too loud so ill be switching it out for a quieter fan soon…heres some pics as of right now…ya ya ya I know pink lights…lmao…you get the idea…

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