Hmmm. Lights or just genetics

So first time issue here. Ive recently up the antie on 5th round lol. 4x4 controlled environment. lower 70s now in flower. about 55 to 60 humidity. 8 plants going but after 13 days of 12 12. Only one side is actually flowering 2/3 looks like it’s still in veg
All receiving same nutes and water for the most part. More water obvioulsly to the flowing pots.

The tallest plants are the ones flowering
Also reciving what iwould think is to much wind but nope

I am using a new light it is white and green led only. Allong with old faifulls from last grow just thought more light might dense up those beauts
Here is a pic from few days ago. Havent madenit home before lights out sorry

Ill get a better light in there for an updated picture. Tommorow. Finally got a day smh. Thanks for your advice. In advance


Longest I’ve seen to switch was 20 days… there may be other who’ve seen longer. But you may just need a pinch more patience.


Strains can sometimes take longer to flip than others. I had a Mob Boss that felt like it took ages to transition (about 14 days to even show me a pistil) but now she’s in full force after ~28 days since the flip.

It can be painful waiting but they’ll do it.

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Facts. All are flowering now and looking good at week 4. Leaves a little darker than i want. But still looking good

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Yeah that Mob boss I mentioned before looks like this as of last night:


Very nice. Looks so good i can almost taste through the screen. How far along are those.

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She’s about 5 weeks into actual flower, I flipped her mid-November but my notes say by 11/28 she still hadn’t thrown pistils.

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Mine took a bit. As well to switch. Hintz the reason for the forum lol. But i think i figured it out. My heat source is on left side. And my. Probes. For heat and hunidity was as. Well. So I’m assuming. The furthest point from that point was slightly cooler. And a bit lower on the humidity Percentage. All good Though. It seems