Highest PPFD LED Light 1200+

Hello, I am trying to find an LED light(s) that can consistently attain a PPFD of 1200+ throughout the 12hrs of daylight for my sealed room, so I can supplement with co2 effectively. Does this exist? Thank you!


HLG 750 Diablo Series

From their website…
Integrated reflectors improve photon delivery resulting in better quality yields even at the lower levels of canopy. These lamps produce over 2010 PPF output to maximize yields. Available in several Spectrum, Voltage and Power option to help meet your exact needs.

HLG Lighting, go to the Commercial LED page


Grand Master LEDs


Check out their other models as well, they have some pretty reasonable which meets your requirements. They also have some of the best PAR maps I’ve seen.

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You can accomplish high PPFD levels using more than one light as well. It’s doesn’t have to be a single light fixture.