High #’s is it lockout. What can I do?

10 gallon fabric w/ff ocean
PH 5.4
EC reads 3620
PPM reads 1860

2 weeks into flower

One thing is the ph is too low. Should be 6.5.
Pics would be good.

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Have you always had ph that low? I would water with correct ph.

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Just after giving nutrients. Stopped giving after.

What kind of nutes?

You’re right around the time I expect fox farms soil to tank in pH. My gut feeling is to flush the soil and start back with the nutrients but I need more info first. I.e. what you feed, how often, how many times total, etc.


Advanced nutrients ph perfect. Only fed twice and that was about 4 weeks ago then ph went down and I stopped.
Put lime in 10 days ago.
I top dressed with build a soil top dress kit 4 weeks in.
Top dress with build a soil natural ingredients about 7 weeks in.

I water with distilled water

Build a soil craft blend nutrients is that last top dress

What is input ph of water?
Given the top dressing and adding lime I am not overly concerned with ppm / ec. pH is definitely low for soil. Given the mix and match I would give the lime the opportunity to do its thing. And see where runoff ph is after the next 1 or 2 water only. May want to ph water to 6.8 ±.

What is the best way to flush a 10 gallon fabric pot on a pot riser? You just pour water in by the gallon or a slow pour?

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Scratch phing water if using distilled.

Ph from run off is 5.4
Been putting ph of watering at new tween 6.5 and 7

Is there a chance that ground cover is not helping

Everything was fine til the 9th week then bam started looking like this