High ppm reading

This is my first time watering till runoff. Ppm reading came in at 5000, the plant looks fine though. She is in FFOF soil, and has not been given any additional nutes. Is this something I should be worried about? Any help would be much appreciated.


no reason to be worried. OF is a pretty nutrient dense soil and that’s within normal range for new soil.

good lookin plant!

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How many weeks has she been in the soil?

Thank you! First successful grow so far🤞

It has been in this soil for 11 days.

Oh no worries then. If it had been a few weeks I’d worry, but you still have about a month before needing to feed. Plant looks great!

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Auto or photo? Either way use cal mag with fox farm soil it seems to need it. That is what I’m in some things we’re showing up all the time till I started using cal Mag.
NICE plant good size for 11 days.

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Oh and tight nodes. I like tight nodes.

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It is a photo blueberry strain, and actually it is 19 days above ground. Spent 8 days in a solo cup. But thank you! And yes I did read about the cal-mag issue with ff soil. Actually just ordered a bottle.

Thank you! Are tighter nodes a good thing?

It can present problems later in the grow when light penetration and airflow become concerns.

Tight nodes are a symptom of a lot of light being provided to the plant, which is a good thing. However, a plant that is too tight can be a problem. If you want her to stretch out a bit (I would,) then turn your light down or raise it a bit.


Thank you!

Just my preference. Midwestguy is correct though.
It leaves a lot to be trimmed out down the road or you will have no air flow.
From the looks of height I would soon be bending over to the side of pot all the way to a 90. Be careful if you do though sometimes they break. Then again sometimes I break them on purpose and just lay them over. (Wouldn’t do that if it’s your only one)
Wait have you topped it yet if you are going to. Do it at least 4 or 5 days before bending and tie just before the Y she made from topping all the way to side of pot. That will let all them little branches from the nodes grow up and be even with the top or close anyway. Then in 2 to 3 weeks you will have to decide which branches you want to keep and cut the others out for clones or throw aways they make nice clones though. If your not ready for clones at this time you can clone when it gets roots veg 1 or 2 weeks then cut root off and start process over again. That will keep them small and if something goes wrong with cloning your out nothing.
Good luck again nice plant.
Also do what works for you not me. Everyone needs to develop their own style.

Thank you for the advice! Yes I have topped, it has been one week. I didn’t plan on doing any cloning, being that my setup is rather small at the moment.

What TDS pen are you using? She looks way too healthy for that high of a number?

This is what I have. I was wondering the same thing about accuracy.

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500 scale correct? That’s still high using either scale? I’m assuming since that was a first to run off that a lot of salts and minerals that were sitting at the bottom of the pot and root zone came out with the run off driving those numbers up? Did you catch the 1st of the run off or the last bit? You’ll want to catch the last bit of the run off :love_you_gesture: