Day 6 “Gaia” in dome

my Blueberry and Big Devil hybrid. what do you think guys? Im gonna leave her “til her 7th day in the dome then I’m gonna plant it In the Pot for pot with superb soil and…Should I star feeding her with Big bloom and Cal-mag? Any tips, please? :thinking::nerd_face:


Doesn’t look bad, nice. Not a user of those peat pods but if it works cool.


should I start feeding her on day 8th? I have the first 3 basic fox farm products for now and Cal-Mag while i make better money . Also, when i give it the nutrients, should i water it first then the nutrients then water it again? Any one out there give an advice, please?

I would put in bigger pot and no nutes yet

DANG! I put some Big Bloom , calmag and water to the new pot then i planted the pellet… Should i wash it off somehow??? or just stop and let it dry for a couple of days then just pure ph balance water??? any tips?