Hey I'm a new grower in LA looking for an in person mentor within the area... I'

I’ll have quite a few plants and I’ll be more than happy to share… I’m more focused on making sure they grow properly and learning the process. My seeds are in germination so u would be there every step of the way…
Again I’ll be using this forum alot but if anyone has some experience in the area and wouldn’t mind lending some time and tips to an aspiring noob I’m in the LA area looking for an in person mentor to come check up once every couple weeks or more or less I don’t know… For lack of a better way to put it… I kinda need a grow babysitter…

I’m a 5 hour drive away from you

Fasho… Idk if thats a long trip or a short trip in ur world but if u could help; it would be much appreciated… They’re still germinating so I think I’m safe for a week or two… Ive started to take them in at night so the soil doesn’t get too cold. I can send u my info if u would like…

Thats honestly not to bad from where I’m at, as far as info goes we can hold off just a tad for now until your about ready to start taking off, and keep in mind I do work so I’ll do my best to help out

Hey bud wanted to get back to you, once you get your first sprout than we will go from there, and soil is where I can help you best so let me know how you plan on growing either soil or hydro, it’d be greatly appreciated if you could let me know within the next week, and before we start going with personal info and if we make it that far I’ll message you more privately here

I’m using a 522 npk germination soil in the pots and the same soil above some compost and natural ground soil that supports roses… I haven’t done anything about nutrients yet…

You should only be using 1-1-2, 1-1-1, or 2-2-2, or 1-2-1, you should not be using 5-2-2 for germination thats way to strong if any thing in germination it needs to be regular water without a npk ratio, and your soil for seedlings should only be what I explained at the top, as for nutrients you don’t wanna use any nutrients until your plants are in vegitative and flowering, as they are more proned to being burned cause the roots aren’t strong enough or mature enough to handle any sort of boosters until About 4th-6th node, than you can start adding the npk ratio in there, and when they hit vegitative look more towards a 4-3-5 ratio or if your plants are healthy enough they can even use a 4-8-8

Ahhh OK… Well I’m just using store bought germination soil… It says on the bag that it has twice as much n as p and k when I looked at the stats… I don’t know the true stats tbh

You shouldn’t be using any nitrogen phosphorus or patassium yet until seedlings are 4-6 nodes into growth , try and see if you can find a soil with no npk, so if possible try to find a soil with none in it or find a soil with a npk ratio of 0.85%-0.25%-0.50% or as close to these numbers as you can get, as that would be perfect for seedlings

If you can’t afford the soil, keep a close eye on them

Thought you might like these pictures my friend

Cool thanks man I’ll try to get the other soil for the rest of the seeds germinating in some water… That looks bomb… What is it…?

The top very first one is a fire og, the second one is a lemon kush, and 3rd is a personal strain, as you very rarely find tricolor buds. How are your first germinating seeds coming along, and you’ll notice a great difference, if it’s possible get a specially formulated soil for seeds it will come out to right around $5.40 for a descent bag, you can get it at home depot in a blue bag, the npk ratio in the specially formulated soil for seeds and cuttings has 0.03%-0.03%-0.03%. That’s the best soil I have found, also little tip, peat moss is pretty ideal for the seeds when they crack a root in germination

One of them the furthest progressed has popped out of the soil and has a nice stem growing for a couple days now hasn’t popped out of the shell but nearby the shell is a purple color

Nice job buddy any way can upload a picture, and learning is a very fun but teadious process lol

Ahh look at her go

Do you have any idea on what strain she is

Well the male smelled chocolate