9 DAYS Total to get my girls

Just wanted to say thanks to ILGM. Got my seeds in 9 days from time i order here in WV. 8 from the day they shipped.

Will be asking alot of questions to @bob31 and @Hawkeye_diesel or anyone else that will reply.

Congratulations brother, just holler if you need anythin

Thanks. Will try to germ. tomorrow and put in soil as soon as i can.

I will try to grow 1 inside like you @Hawkeye_diesel said and give it a shot will have to buy a grow light.

You have the grow box with the sour diesel seeds?

Dont have growbox either seeds got here a little faster than I thought . Going to store and get stuff I need any suggestion ?

Good deal @Hunter00 looking forward to tagging along!

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Ph meter and tds meter for starter. Are you growin soil, soilless, or Hydro?

Will grow in soil and will get the Both meters tomorrow and some store nutes.

What kind of pots will you be using? I just started to use the cloth pots and I love em so far. What kind of soil were you looking at. You’ll want some soil that isn’t too “hot” for seedlings.

Have been following your grow on them. I will try and find them pots if not
I/wife have some 4 gal plastic pots. Will find a low potting soil to start them in.

I don’t know how crunched you are for money, but you can find them on amazon just search for smart cloth pot. They have all kinds of sizes. I just bought a 3 gallon size for my autoflower

Will order a few. And maybe a light . Will let u know what i get so i dont waste money before i even start. Thanks again

Thanks brother, but I’m just a new grower as well. I’m only on my second grow haha.
We’re you looking to get a tent, a grow box, or use a spare closet or room?

I have a old biulding.

Oh ok, have you checked it for leaks of light coming in, or if your like me in a state that’s not so friendly, light coming out? How big of the space of the building that you’ll be using?

Will fix light probs. Does not leak. Will section it off in 4x4 sections. Dont have to worry about much i live so far up a holler i have to put underwear on the chickens to keep owls from raping them.

Lmao. That works
I’m guessing two rooms? One for flower and one for vegging?

Good ideal

Or you could make both room a little smaller and have a food for vegging, flowering, and seedling stages, but that’s just a dream I have one day, one day

Will try and set it up and maybe post a pic for u to see