Hey i need ur opinion on this i believe i have a phosphorus or a potassium toxicity

I believe i have a toxicity with phosphorus or potassium what do u guys think

The leaves look dry and crispy. I have experienced this in several situations:
Wind burn (fan blowing directly on those leaves for prolonged periods of time, even just gently)
Light burn (leaves grew too close to the diodes)
Low humidity (sub-20% for prolonged periods)
Insufficient watering
pH imbalance

Anyhow. Going to say not enough info to say what’s going on.


I did put another fan on my tent and its blowing on the plants i didnt think of this thank you

I gotchu man. It’s always the last thing we think of! :v:

Hi guys i know in the past i said i dont get deficiencies or nute burn well the tables have changed i have a toxicity with my girls its either a potassium toxicity or a phosphorus toxicity ive all ready flushed one pot with ten litres of ph water im using five gallon fabric pots how much water to i use to flush a five gallon fabric pot @oldmarine @BobbyDigital @BigCat420 or do yous think its wind burn as i have put a fan in my tent to blow under the canopy

What are your run off numbers saying ? Typical fan issues that I’ve run across is reverse canoeing.

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I dont check run off as im organic growing

I do have some reversed canoeing on some leaves cause my plants where healthy as before i put the fan in the tent

If your looking to flush, use 3 times the volume of your pot. So for a 5 gallon pot need 15 gallons at least. Catch runoff and keep pouring till the numbers look like what you want. I like to give 5 mins between 5 gallons to let the water run out…just what I do. Good luck.

Organic is tough to get a burn from unless you’re trying. I would return to the setup you had before having these issues.

True that in 5 organic grows I’d only ever get mild nitrogen toxicity

Ive taken out the extra fan i put in there and i will see how it goes ,i just been watching some videos on toxicity and deficiencies it turns out it very possible that it maybe a deficiency or even to do with the wind burn but ive flushed one pot with ten litres of water and i have put five litres of water through the second plant i think i have control of things now hopefully i will wait and see i will take pics of the plants to ahow yous all

Yah plants look fine. Definitely wind burn. They don’t need a flush imo


Thanks @Graysin ive already flushed them i will wait for now until the pots have dried out abit before i start my bud supplements again

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I’ve never seen wind burn on plants nor do I grow organic so I’m not much help here. I think Graysin has you figured out