Hey I need help

This is a two week old start. White Widow Fem growing in soil outside.(pot)
It has some kind of problem that I think is a pest but I really don’t know for sure.
First question: What is it?
Second question: What should I do about it?

ps… I asked this question elsewhere but then I found this more appropriate category


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No expert but an d a close up of the patches might help.
I’m thinking aphids or mites.
Did you check the underside of the leaves? (eggs or bugs attached to bottom of leaf)

Are these pests where the circles are?

Or it’s not a bug at all but the beginning of powdery mildew. Your soil looks very wet.
Does the white stuff wipe off?

The white does not wipe off. The soil is wet. Watered today. Temp was 95°

Got any neem oil or azamax or spinosad? Pick one of the three and apply it, you have some kind of pests or mold, fungus, or all of the above.

Thank you… going shopping tomorrow.