Hey guys i need ur opinion on something

Ok guys i have a purple lemonade auto and a gorilla glue auto in a 60×60×160 mars hydro tent im running a 300watt light im running CO2 aswell my temps are 26 degrees Celsius at night and 20 degrees Celsius in the day we are in winter at the moment my RH is 45-50% now i used to have these in my bedroom but i had to put them outside in the garage so there gone from a fairly warm place to a colder place there been doing really well but im finding that the gorilla glue auto some yellowing happening its not bad i did give it some epsom salts due it looked like a magnesium def and the leaves started to go green again but what i have read the leaves can go yellow due to colder temps unfortunately i cant do anything to bring up my temps i have my light on full at night so it keeps the temps up in the high 20s i think the highest temp i seen at night is 28 degrees Celsius now my purple lemonade auto is looking nice and green but it looks droopy i water every three to four days depending on weight of the pot its in a 3, gallon fabric pot and my Gorilla glue is in a five gallon fabric pot these are my girls


Here are some more pics of my girls


Climate Change. Let them Adjust. Maybe A little more Heat.

How far above the top of the canopy is the light and what is the light cycle.
I don’t know if this relates. Nephew had a couple autos that did this and he tried some nute adjustments that did nothing. He turned his light down to 75 percent and they perked right up. He was running 18/6 light was about 24 inchs or for you 60 cm above canopy. About the same size tent also.

20 to 28 Celsius is 68 to 82 Fahrenheit so l would think the temps are good. What were temps before the move.

I don’t think it’s temp related… give em a few days to adjust and if they don’t improve start with the usual checking ph, runoff ppm etc

These have been in this spot now for for a few weeks and i seen that the purple did perk back up after the light came back on . The temps through the day is different to what there used too but it seems like there going great now

They can sleep with lights off. I know you know what they need.

I have my lights on only at night so it keeps the temps up

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Not a CO2 guy, but from what I read nutrients and lighting are needed in higher doasages?? Could be a little more hungry??

They have had a top dress plus they get bloom boosters

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Gotcha Brother, I ghost your grows and know you’re a good cultivator! Sorry I’m no help with the CO2 :love_you_gesture:

Its all appreciated brother thanks for ur input

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