Hermie pollen contamination

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Wife and friend walk through the house and friend proceeds to tell me how she just found most of her crop got pollinated and hermied… her words not mine. I vocalized the severity of bringing pollen into my home ( just harvested 12 plants here) 7 more in veg. Wife stripped down and showered. clothes in the wash. Friend promptly left.

She did not enter the grow room, sit on furniture or anything like that. obviously her pants got pollinated several days ago . Shes been in our car and house several times in the last week. How concerned should I be and what precautions should we take and the friend do to her grow and home to stop spreading pollen?


You don’t need to be concerned. Your only living plants are in vegetative growth, so pollen won’t do anything to them.

I can’t say for sure if you’re 100% safe once they start to flower, but there are things you can do to mitigate risk. Wear freshly washed clothes when working on your garden. Put a HEPA filter (or at least a furnace filter) on your tent intake. Most importantly, help your friend figure out what caused the issue, and explain to her that her issues could become your issues. Help her find light leaks. Give her good genetics if that’s the issue. Check out her timer system. Otherwise she’ll probably do it again on her next run, and won’t even mention it.

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Thanks for the input. I appreciate it greatly.

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As stated your plants are all in veg and can’t be pollinated you shouldn’t have to worry. I like to use peroxide (1-4 tbsp per qt of water) in my grow room every couple weeks as a preventive treatment. Peroxide helps fight against bugs, mold, mildew, wash away any pollen, and is good for your plants it gives em a boost of oxygen. I literally spray my entire room, plants, walls, floor, pots, and trays under pots it can be used as a drench which will give roots a boost of oxygen fight against bugs, root rot, and I’m sure I’ve missed some other benefits. If growing in living soil like I do I no longer drench my soil (unless I have a problem) because it kills the good stuff and critters along with bad ones. There’s a ton of information out there on the use of peroxide as a spray, drench, and bud washing check it out. Always remember when spraying anything (except milk) it should be done at the end of day when lights are off.
:evergreen_tree::sunglasses: good luck

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ill pass on the information. thanks