Hermie or male?

Wedding Cake fem from ILGM. Planted 5/6


If you bought fem seed from ILGM then it’s 98% female

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That is what I want to hear. :grinning: the little thing to the left of the stem may actually be a new bud or leaf uncurling. It is not closed shut like I would have thought a pollen sac would be.

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Yeah your right it dose look like one but I just think that’s a baby leaf producing but yeah you should be all good it’s not like it’s bag seeds ya feel

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I dont know? That does look like a male flower pod thats partially open too? Youll know soon enough! :laughing:


Well what was it?

They hermied. On a subsequent grow I popped a banana hammock bag seed and put in with the ‘bought’ seeds and it ended up being true male. It was actually glad for that experience because I now know it is so easy to spot them once you saw one, and that you tend to have plenty of time to get them out, if you have been paying attention to your plant, and it is certainly not something to panic about. It just sucks because something you wasted quite a few weeks before you actually know and there is an empty space that could have had a producing plant in.