Fertilized female, male or hermaphrodite?

I broke a flower off so I could take clear pictures of the plant in question.


Looks like calyx to me. They have hairs coming out of them


Looks female to me. Ypu can see pistols coming out of the calyx. If it were male it would be a rounded pollen sac.


I’d say female in early flower


Just fat calyx’s from where she first showed sex. Mine get them all the time.


Looks full female to me. :blush::v:

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Agreed. I see no male parts to call this hermaphrodite.

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Welcome back! Could you point out what made you think you have a hermie? Or fertilization?

These looked like fertilized pods or so I thought. The flowers are definitely female and I thought the pods were banana like and that was the reasons for my concerns.

Thanks for all the replies.

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my feminized seeds from ilgm I have a hermaphrodite id like new seeds or my money back

You will need to get with the seed store. This is the form and not connected with the seed store.

I need help!