Hermaphrodite plants…need help deciding next step

Hey guys,

Been a bit since I’ve posted. I have no idea what the hell happened but by the looks of it my Bruce banner decided to go herm. A few contributing factors such as topping and light burn I feel could be the conclusive reasons for this. Since I started this is the first time I’ve topped and first time I’ve had the light burn I have so the plant is under some pretty bad stress but still producing female flowers like crazy just with a seed or two.

It’s already decided to lift up my banana kushes skirt and that has also produced seeds that I removed. A total of 8. I kid you not when I say this just happened over night and I have no words for it.

Just looking for some tips as what I should do. I would hate to destroy such a beautiful healthy plant that is so far along but my other plants are still females at the moment


Do you have any pics? Have u taken the seeds off? Do u have other plants with her?

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No pics at the moment. Some seeds have been taken off. Other plants are with her unfortunately.

Unfortunately if you want to save the rest of your crop. You gotta remove the hermies. They’ll ruin the rest if those pollen sacks open up.


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Need pics of the “seeds” and the rest of the plant and where you found them. The first time I ever noticed female calyxes I thought they were seed pods and that my plant had hermed. I had just underwatered for the first time ever during flower and like you I was stressed probably more than the plant actually was.

Let’s see the tape


These are the seeds I removed.

This was her flowering just a week ago

Welp, those certainly are seeds. Have you identified who is chucking the pollen? Look for pollen sacs/nanners. The seeds look pretty well developed, probably been growing for weeks now.

Yea it’s my damn Bruce banner plant unfortunately. I have a feeling it’s from either topping or light burn. Never had this issue before and sure enough it decided to lift my banana kushes skirt and get her pregnant

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If she popped pollen too late to recover pollinated plants. Can still harvest some fire. Had 1 do that to a couple last grow. Killed her but too late. Soldier on and adjust. I would kill the hermie myself unless all plants pollinated. If that is the case why bother…mature them/harvest/ clean tents well for next run. Just my thoughts.

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Yea I think my plan is to just ride it out at this rate I’d hate to kill such a beautiful plant early on into flowering over a mistake I more than likely made. My other plants don’t seem to be affected at the moment. Just 2/5 so I’ll take it as a learn experience and move on. I plan to too earlier on and make sure the branches are lower in the future so this doesn’t happen again. The plant still looks amazing I’m just gonna pick through the seeds and see where it goes

I did the same thing with the calyxes – was sure they were seeds. Then yesterday harvesting I thought I had seeds. These old eyes.