Help with telling if this is a nutrient deficiency

Hi all, not sure what I’m looking at but any help is appreciated. Thanks :sunglasses:

All I see is a couple messed up leaves, maybe you splashed em while watering. I can’t see the entire plants but if it’s just a couple leaves I would worry about it. If it becomes a pattern in many leaves then you might have a problem starting

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Same response from me. Those lower leaves below the canopy will be eaten by the plant soon enough anyway. It’s the upper canopy you want to keep an eye on.

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Agreed. Let’s see the rest of the plant it does seem light green meaning you should be feeding more nutrients but let’s see the full plant.

First time grow, this is a picture of the whole plant.

I still say you just have a couple bad leaves. I didn’t know you were outside though and now I say you should get some insect control and do some preventive spraying